Having Guests In During The Holidays? How To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Chaos

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If you're going to be having a houseful of guests, you've got to take your dogs safety into consideration, especially if the door is going to be opening and closing a lot. Each time the door opens and closes, it presents the perfect opportunity for your dog to get out and run away. Even if your dog has never escaped before, the additional chaos can get your dog stressed-out, which increases the likelihood that it will run away. Once your dog is out, it will be exposed to all different types of risks, including accidents and dog fights. Not only that, but if your dog runs away, it might not be able to find its way back home.

Here are a few proactive steps you can take to keep your dog safe and sound while your guests are visiting.

Keep a Doggy Gate in Place

You can't always ensure that your guests will keep the front door closed. However, you can ensure that your dog doesn't have access to the door. One way to do that is to install a doggy gate at the door. You can adjust the doggy gate to swing shut automatically whenever someone goes through it. That will ensure that your dog can't get through the door to escape. You can also put the gate up in the hallway, and confine your dog to the back part of the house. Your dog will still be able to roam through the back of the house freely, but it won't be able to make it to the front door.

Microchip Your Dog

If you're not sure that you'll be able to keep your dog away from the front door, it's important that you take precautions to keep it safe should it escape. The best way to do that is by having it micro-chipped. The micro-chip will help animal control officials identify your dog should it happen to escape through an open door while you have guests visiting. Your veterinarian can take care of the micro-chipping process for you.

Personalize Your Dog's Collar

Another easy way to make your dog easy to identify is to personalize your dogs collar. Head down to a local pet store and have a personalized tag made for your dog. The tag should include your dogs name and a phone number where you can be reached. This will ensure that if someone in your neighborhood locates your dog, they'll be able to call you, which will help keep your dog away from the local animal shelter.

For more holiday dog care tips, talk to your veterinarian.